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get creative

get creative.
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Multi-fandom graphics challenge!
Basically this challenge community is very very simple. Once a fortnight we post approximately 5 pictures (2 hi-res photo, 1 high-res stock, 3 screencaps) and you've got to make something! Anything, really, headers, icons, textures, brushes, signatures, patterns wallpapers, manips, colourisations and anything else arty you can make with the pictures provided. Heck, we encourage you to make all of them!

You are not required to use all of the pictures. You may submit as many entries as you wish.

Then, a fortnight after the pictures are posted, the winners are declared for each of the various categories
-Small Art (including icons, signatures, headers and anything else you make we deem "small")
-Large Art (wallscolls and various sizes of wallpapers)
-Resources (textures, brushes, patterns and anything else we deem resourceful :P)
-The People's Choice (all of the art created in that fortnight will be put up for a vote. The piece that gets the most votes... wins a paid account!!)

Any questions? No? Good, then go get creative!

Oh, I'm sorry, it seems I missed you, Peoplewithquestions. Okay, yes you may use brushes, textures, patterns of your choosing, as long as the pictures we provide are the focal point.
The same goes for manips. You may use another stock or photoshoot, but as long as it's obvious you're focusing on the pictures we provide.

All comments will be screened and any photo fandom requests are accepted (although we can't guarantee they will be acted upon)